Enjoy Irelands Premier Luxury Retreats

Tranquility Ireland, one of Ireland's most renowned luxury retreat getaways,offers you a remarkable collection of properties.
These exclusive luxury retreats, by Tranquility Ireland, offer an unparalleled self-catering experience that will leave you enchanted long after your holiday comes to an end.

Nucella Lodge

SweetPea Cottage

Pandoras Cottage

Green Luxury Lodge

partner house

Tranquility Ireland

Where Nature, Culture, & Serenity Meet in Carlingford's Splendor

Nestled amidst the majestic Slieve Foye Mountains, Tranquility Ireland offers a unique fusion of natural beauty and cultural experiences. 

Discover breathtaking mountain vistas and engage in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and nature walks. 

Explore the nearby towns of Omeath and Carlingford, steeped in history with ancient castles, ruins, and charming streets.

 Immerse yourself in the warm local atmosphere and savor traditional cuisine at cozy pubs. 

Experience an unforgettable stay, embracing the mountains’ tranquility while uncovering the hidden treasures of the region.


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