4 Tips For Planning Hen Parties

Here at Tranquillity Ireland, we are a very popular location for hen parties and we have become rather fond of them. We understand the stress associated with organising the perfect hen party for your loved one. Seeing your beloved hen in full celebration mode, surrounded by her favourite females, is so thrilling and special, that there’s naturally a certain amount of stress and strain that goes along with it.  We hope that our tips can help…

1. Choose A Practical Location

Picking a venue for your hen party is probably the trickiest job on your to-do list – you want your hen to have a sensational, once-in-a-lifetime experience, but you also need to carefully consider the constraints. It is important the location is tailored to all ages and that everyone can sleep well. At Tranquility Ireland we are only an hour from Dublin and likewise an hour from Belfast making it the perfect location. Set in the countryside with spectacular views it has everything you need in the village of Carlingford and Omeath. Even if you wanted to go to the next town Newry and Dundalk are bothe only aprroximately 30minutes away.

2. Activities to suit the bride

Most hen parties we’ve attended revolve around a good feed, good drinks, good company and a good nights sleep. Tranquility Ireland offers all of this things. If  your bride is more relaxed then entertainment and a chilled vibe can be created in the accommodation or maybe she is a part animal? Then Carlingford offers the perfect amount of night life, our bus driver will even do a couple of runs so that the night owls can stay a little later that everyone else. We have lots of activities available for groups so there is certainly something for every kind of bride. You can check them out…

3. Minimise Complications During Planning

Chances are, you’re not throwing this party alone, and having multiple people or bridesmaids work on the same event can sometimes be the source of pre-party friction. Hen planning can be difficult at the best of time but the bulk of the work often falls to the most organised friend, rather than the one who has known the hen the longest. However, if one individual is doing none of the work but offering lots of opinions that’s when things can turn nasty. To keep conflict to a minimum, ask the hen to pick no more than three people to plan the party, and split up the to-do list up early on in the process. At the party everyone should be getting along, having fun and that is the main thing.

4. Fed And Watered

Every hen group needs to be fed and watered. At Tranquility Ireland we have various different options for dining. We also have various options for cocktail parties and making. These, however, need to be booked in advance. There needs to be enough feed to go around and that everyone’s requirements are catered for, the last thing anyone needs is to be hangry. Contact us to find out our full list of dining options, our chefs are happy to look after dietary requirements however they do need to be know.


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